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1Diversified Thiazole Substituted Coumarins and Chromones as Non- Cytotoxic ROS and NO Inhibitors
Uzma Salar,Khalid Mohammed Khan,Almas Jabeen,Shafquat Hussain,Aisha Faheem,Farwa Naqvi,Shahnaz Perveen
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2Diversified Thiazole Substituted Coumarins and Chromones as Non- Cytotoxic ROS and NO Inhibitors
Osama Abdalla Abdelshafy Mohamad,Jin-Biao Ma,Yong-Hong Liu,Li Li,Shaimaa Hatab,Wen-Jun Li
Letters in Drug Design & Discovery.2019;15(5)239
3Visible-Light-Promoted Dual C–C Bond Formations of Alkynoates via a Domino Radical Addition/Cyclization Reaction: A Synthesis of Coumarins
Shangbiao Feng,Xingang Xie,Weiwei Zhang,Lin Liu,Zhuliang Zhong,Dengyu Xu,Xuegong She
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4Visible-light-mediated radical cascade reaction: synthesis of 3-bromocoumarins from alkynoates
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5Diverse endophytic Streptomyces species with dynamic metabolites and their meritorious applications: a critical review
Reshma Ayswaria,Vineeth Vasu,Rijesh Krishna
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6Synthesis and biological evaluation of polymethoxylated 4-heteroarylcoumarins as tubulin assembly inhibitor
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8A TBPB-Mediated C-3 Cycloalkylation and Formamidation of 4-Arylcoumarin
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9Characterization of an endophytic whorl-forming Streptomyces from Catharanthus roseus stems producing polyene macrolide antibiotic
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10Diversity and bioprospecting of actinomycete endophytes from the medicinal plants
M.S. Nalini,H.S. Prakash
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11Silver-Mediated Radical Cyclization of Alkynoates and a-Keto Acids Leading to Coumarins via Cascade Double C–C Bond Formation
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12Synthesis of hydrophilic and lipophilic 4-arylcoumarin phosphates
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14Bioactive Products From Plant-Endophytic Gram-Positive Bacteria
María J. Ek-Ramos,Ricardo Gomez-Flores,Alonso A. Orozco-Flores,Cristina Rodríguez-Padilla,Guadalupe González-Ochoa,Patricia Tamez-Guerra
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15The role of torsional motion on the properties of propiolic acid and its H/D isotopic analogs: A density functional study using SCTST and a full anharmonic VPT2 model
Bilal Ahmad Shiekh,Damanjit Kaur
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16Pd-catalyzed chemo-selective mono-arylations and bis-arylations of functionalized 4-chlorocoumarins with triarylbismuths as threefold arylating reagents
Maddali L.N. Rao,Abhijeet Kumar
17Amelioration of oxidative stress induced by oxidative mutagens and COX-2 inhibitory activity of umbelliferone isolated from Glycyrrhiza glabra L
Prabhjit Kaur,Manish Kumar,Bikram Singh,Subodh Kumar,Satwinderjeet Kaur
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19Pd-catalyzed cross-coupling study of bi-functional 3-bromo-4-trifloxycoumarins with triarylbismuth reagents
Maddali L.N. Rao,Abhijeet Kumar
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Ling-Sze Yap,Wai-Leng Lee,Adeline-Su-Yien Ting
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24Palladium-Catalyzed Oxidative Heck Coupling Reaction for Direct Synthesis of 4-Arylcoumarins Using Coumarins and Arylboronic Acids
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25Electrochemical oxidative cyclization of activated alkynes with diselenides or disulfides: access to functionalized coumarins or quinolinones
Jiawei Hua,Zheng Fang,Jia Xu,Mixue Bian,ChengKou Liu,Wei He,Ning Zhu,Zhao Yang,Kai Guo
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26Rational Design, Synthesis and Evaluation of Coumarin Derivatives as Protein-protein Interaction Inhibitors
Laura De Luca,Fatima E. Agharbaoui,Rosaria Gitto,Maria Rosa Buemi,Frauke Christ,Zeger Debyser,Stefania Ferro
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28Copper/Selectfluor-System-Catalyzed Dehydration-Oxidation of Tertiary Cyclo­alcohols: Access to ß-Substituted Cyclohex-2-enones, 4-Arylcoumarins, and Bi­aryls
Shaobo Ren,Jian Zhang,Jiahui Zhang,Heng Wang,Wei Zhang,Yunkui Liu,Miaochang Liu
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29Diversity and Applications of Endophytic Actinobacteria of Plants in Special and Other Ecological Niches
Radha Singh,Ashok K. Dubey
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30Elucidating Mechanisms of Endophytes Used in Plant Protection and Other Bioactivities With Multifunctional Prospects
Ayomide Emmanuel Fadiji,Olubukola Oluranti Babalola
Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology.2020;8(24)5381
31Alkynoates as Versatile and Powerful Chemical Tools for the Rapid Assembly of Diverse Heterocycles under Transition-Metal Catalysis: Recent Developments and Challenges
Imtiaz Khan,Aliya Ibrar,Sumera Zaib
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Jie Sun,Wei Xian Ding,Ke Yun Zhang,Yong Zou
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33Direct and metal-free arylsulfonylation of alkynes with sulfonylhydrazides for the construction of 3-sulfonated coumarins
Wei Wei,Jiangwei Wen,Daoshan Yang,Mengyuan Guo,Yingying Wang,Jinmao You,Hua Wang
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34Therapeutic Potential of Endophytic Compounds: A Special Reference to Drug Transporter Inhibitors
Khusbu Singh,Gaurav Raj Dwivedi,A. Swaroop Sanket,Sanghamitra Pati
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35Synthesis, biological evaluation and molecular docking studies of 3-(triazolyl)-coumarin derivatives: Effect on inducible nitric oxide synthase
Hélio A. Stefani,Karina Gueogjan,Flávia Manarin,Sandra H.P. Farsky,Julio Zukerman-Schpector,Ignez Caracelli,Sergio R. Pizano Rodrigues,Marcelo N. Muscará,Simone A. Teixeira,José R. Santin,Isabel D. Machado,Simone M. Bolonheis,Rui Curi,Marco A. Vinolo
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Vijay C. Verma,Ravindra N. Kharwar,Gary A. Strobel
Natural Product Communications.2009;4(11)1934578X0900401
37Study of the Component Structure of the Metabolites of Bacteria Nocardiopsis umidischolae in the Search for Eco-Friendly Plant Protection Agents
L. N. Grigoryan,Yu. V. Bataeva,E. D. Andreeva,D. Kh. Zakar’yaeva,Z. O. Turaeva,S. V. Antonova
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Hemali B. Lad,Rakesh R. Giri,D.I. Brahmbhatt
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39Synthesis and biological evaluation of 4 arylcoumarin analogues as tubulin-targeting antitumor agents
Peggoty Mutai,Gilles Breuzard,Alessandra Pagano,Diane Allegro,Vincent Peyrot,Kelly Chibale
Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry.2017;25(5)1652

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